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We buy large collections of books anywhere in the known world.


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Our shop is 50 yards from Leicester Square station, on the edge of Covent Garden and the Chinese quarter. We are close to many theatres and within spitting distance of Soho & Piccadilly. Books bought constantly.

We have books as cheap as £1 and rare books at many thousands of pounds. Nothing can replace actually going to a bookshop, come on down when next in town…

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At our shops we always maintain a quantity of leather bindings suitable for decoration, furniture and interior decoration. The prices are on average £12-£15 per book. Fine bindings and sets of fine bindings are available at higher prices. Books are in good condition and have leather spines and have proved ideal for interior decoration. Large quantities of hardbound books,including art and design, old or new, can also be supplied and delivered. We have supplied these books throughout the world for the book shelves of clubs, hotels and private residences.Several prominent London hotels have books for their libraries supplied by us and we have worked with interior decorators furnishing apartments and houses with books. Read more...

NEWS AND BRAGS - January 2016

The Amazing Bookman!

We have bought several large collections in the latter half of 2015 - they will be going out all through the first part of 2016. In early summer we bought a library of books in Virginia Water from the estate of film director, actor and writer Bryan Forbes (1926-2013). A great director and a serious book collector, with a very long suit of books on Napoleon and, of course, cinema. A van full of poetry came in from the late, great doctor and poet Danny Abse. Books also came in from writers Russell Hoban, Dan Jacobson and Henry Treece and academic and writer on music Donald Mitchell. More movie books came in from the estate of the great Hammer horror actor Christopher Lee. A good Conrad collection emerged from a humble mews house in Hyde Park… We are still sifting through the Donald Rudd collection of detective fiction - mysteries, thrillers, whodunits from Victorian Lady Detectives through Golden Age 'cosies' to the hardest of hard-boiled noirs and pulps. About 150 boxes left so it should be finished this year. We bought two very large (and damnably heavy!) lots of art books ancient and modern, from classical art to conceptual. A large movie related lot came in from the late manager of the art house Paris Pullman including film scripts, souvenir programmes and serious monographs on the cinema..Plus a ton of film mags that are proving popular in the basement.

We are over half way through the big philosophy and politics lot (50,000 books in Stoke Poges) - the library of the late Professor J-P Mayer. A quarter of it was in French and German. We are now down to the last 3 pallets of the vast Jimmy Kanga (bless his name) collection which included Edwardian fiction, Catholicism, ChesterBelloc, de la Mare, Knox, Gosse, Vernon Lee, Forrest Reid, Fiona Macleod, John Buchan, J K Huysmans, A.E., Edward Thomas, Michael Field, rather too much Alfred Noyes and a load of European lit in English. Jimmy was London's most celebrated & loved book collector of the late 20th century. He can even be found (along with Martin Stone) as a character in Iain Sinclair's White Chappell, Scarlett Tracings (as J. Leper-Klamm 'unravelled pharaoh').

2016 will see a sizeable academic and classical collection going on the shelves, and a large literary and fiction lot plus an infinite number of art books, brand new review books and many antiquarian and leather-bound books including sets. Books do furnish a room.

Online, we are working tirelessly on our database and are conscientious about social media (1500 followers on Twitter, 5000 visitors a week to our blog and 500 loyal Facebook friends.) Luckily, a shop can still do things the web cannot do - physical browsing, serendipity, human company, human assistance, no postage, real people, real books... Do visit in person - we are here 10.30 to 9.30 everyday of the year (except 25 and 26 December)- just turn right outside Leicester Square tube station and we are 50 yards away…

Books for Decoration Wants List Selling Books? Archives

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