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Rare books, first editions, modern literature, art, poetry, scholarly/academic, antiquarian, leather bound sets, general stock. Jot101 – Found it, read it, posted it.

We buy large collections of books anywhere in the known world.

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Our shop is 50 yards from Leicester Square station, on the edge of Covent Garden and the Chinese quarter. We are close to many theatres and within spitting distance of Soho & Piccadilly. Books bought constantly.

We have books as cheap as £1 and rare books at many thousands of pounds. Nothing can replace actually going to a bookshop, come on down when next in town…

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At our shops we always maintain a quantity of leather bindings suitable for decoration, furniture and interior decorators. The prices tend to be on average about £10-£15 ($15-- $24) per book. Fine bindings and sets of fine bindings are often available also, however the price can be up to £60 ($90) per book. The books available at £10-£15 are in good condition and have leather spines and have proved ideal for interior decoration. We have supplied these books throughout the world for the book shelves of clubs, hotels and private residences.

We only sell these books at the shop, we have found that buyers including decorators and designers need to choose the books that suit their purposes and this is impossible by e-mail etc., So please come by the shop- we are here all week 11 hours a day. We can also supply hard back (i.e. not leather) books at considerably less, especially if bought in quantity.All shapes, sizes and colours including very large books. Hardbound (hardback) books are sometimes referred to as clothbound books to distinguish them from paperbacks (which can also be supplied). Also we can help with decorative and antique (and modern) books as props for TV and Film, books for designers, also books in quantity to fill shelves in houses. Books bought in bulk can attract a fair discount: our basement is especially popular in providing books for stage sets, books by the yard, books for people furnishing and refurbishing houses and flats. Books in quantity for empty bookshelves. 'Books do furnish a room.'

NEWS AND BRAGS - January 2015

The Amazing Bookman!

We have bought several large collections in the latter half of this year - they will be going out all through the first part of 2015. We are still wading through the Donald Rudd collection of detective fiction , a vast collection of mysteries, thrillers, whodunits from Victorian Lady Detectives through Golden Age 'cosies' to the hardest of hard-boiled noirs and pulps. Bought a big science lot - plenty of Darwin & Alfred Russel Wallace + a big philosophy and politics lot (50,000 books in Stoke Poges) - the library of the late Professor J-P Mayer which we are only about a quarter of the way through. A quarter of it was in French and German. We also acquired a very large collection of books on Chinese (and Korean) art and culture + a sizeable amount of good books in Russian which almost all go the basement but appear to sell well. A boat load of books on rock music sailed in, including 100+ books on Dylan and some serious books on avant-garde cinema and Hollywood. From romantic Bedford a houseful of occult, spiritualism, witchcraft, clairvoyancy, from the estate of a zetetic who spent all his life trying to disprove all of the above. From deepest Clunton Shropshire 3000 books from the estate of Look Back in Anger writer John Osborne and his 4 wives. From Worcs a country house library, much of which (illustrated antiquarian books, leather bound sets) has ended up behind the counter.

We are now over half way into the vast Jimmy Kanga (bless his name) collection which includes Edwardian fiction, Catholicism, ChesterBelloc, de la Mare, Barry Pain, Viola Meynell, Julian Green, Knox, Gosse, Vernon Lee, Forrest Reid, Mary Webb, Fiona Macleod, John Buchan, J K Huysmans, A.E., Edward Thomas, Michael Field, Alfred Noyes and a load of European lit in English. Jimmy was probably London's most celebrated & loved book collector of the late 20th century. He can even be found (along with Martin Stone) as a character in Iain Sinclair's White Chappell, Scarlett Tracings (as J. Leper-Klamm 'unravelled pharaoh').

The Times Literary Supplement still maintains we are their favourite second hand bookshop and published a photo of the shop 100 years ago when it was owned by the folklorist A.H. Mayhew (above.) Must remember to send the usual Jeroboam of Cristal. In October John Lee, L.A. Times travel correspondent, featured us in an article on London bookshops - he was attracted by "the green-painted bargain boxes outside… honey traps to passing pedestrians" and came in and bought a great bargain. German teenager Nicole sent us a very sweet fan letter. She wrote: "I had done quite some research on where to find used books in London ... but was surprised (in an absolutely positive way!) to see that so many people do actually come to your shop and support the whole idea! The staff was very nice as well, always had a smile on their faces - personally, I found it really heartwarming how their love for books and the shop was actually visible and not only a mask of politeness. It was in particular the young man at the checkout who really surprised us, as we had not expected someone around our age to work in a shop for used books…hope to see the shop staying alive for another few decades... at least!"

Yes, a life working with books can still be sweet delight (not endless night!) Online, we are working tirelessly on our database and at social media (1000 + followers on Twitter, 4000 visitors a week to our blog and 350 loyal Facebookers.) Luckily, a shop can do things the web can't - physical browsing, human company, human assistance, no postage, real people, real books…Come on down!

Home Wants List Selling Books? Archives

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