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We are always looking to buy good quality books.


Please do not bring books into the shop without contacting us, we do not buy or make assessments of books over the counter

We generally prefer to buy larger collections of 400 or more books. But at our discretion we do make exceptions for rare, collectable, interesting or unusual modern or antiquarian books in very good, clean condition. 
 Below is a list of the kind of books that we buy and a further list of books that we don’t buy.

If you are interested in selling to us then please complete the form at the bottom of this page:

  • Describing as clearly as you can the books you have to sell:
  • Please try and give as much detail as you can, including the condition of the books.
  • (but we don't need a full list)
  • Some photos are always helpful- just spines on the shelf is fine
  • Your contact details, and best times to get hold of you
  • Your location
  • Timescales you may have to get books removed by.

Once we have the information from you we will contact you, and if the books are of interest to us we will follow up with a viewing.


We don’t buy the following:

Apologies for any disappointment caused, but its better we tell you now…

  • Books in poor or defective condition, or heavily annotated and underlined

  • Text books

  • Ex - Public Library books (with some exceptions so please ask)

  • Dated books on current events, science, medicine, health, self help and computers

  • Television and celebrity related books

  • Romance

  • Book Club or Readers Digest books

  • Magazines

  • Encyclopaedia's of the last 100 years and outdated reference works

  • Odd Volumes

  • Recent travel guides

  • Mass market paperbacks

  • Hardback reprinted fiction

  • Dated political biographies


We are always looking for:

20th and 21st century books on all subjects in excellent condition. We buy first editions of fiction by known or collected writers, art, children's and Illustrated books, science fiction (also fantasy and crime) architecture, design, military, transport, serious history collections, poetry, plays, music, theology, philosophy, pulps, erotica, sport, natural history, photography, science and travel. We are also interested in Penguins, good paperbacks, Everymans and Oxford Classics - generally as part of larger collections. Also autograph material, signed books and letters.

Antiquarian Books. Good condition 18th century and earlier books on all subjects. 19th century books in leather and cloth on all subjects, particularly three volume novels, travel, economics, philosophy, poetry and science, also manuscript material including letters and journals.

We are also buyers of academic and scholarly books in most areas, even very modern books.

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